Plated & Brazed Wheels

We sell both Plated and Brazed Diamond & CBN Wheels
Consider using Plated or Brazed Super Abrasives if you are grinding:
Aero Space components | Brake Pads | Composites | Foundry flash removal

  • A single layer of Super Abrasive bonded to metal with a nickel plating
  • Produces a superior finish
  • Can hold dimensional tolerances better than brazed
  • Used most often in 60 – 320+ grit size
  • A single layer of Super Abrasive bonded to metal by melting brazed alloys in a vacuum furnace
  • Has a greater particle exposure allowing faster & cooler cutting
  • Has a tough & durable bond
  • Preferred when high removal rates are desired
  • Used most often in 18 – 60 grit size


Reconditioning Wheels

Worn-down Plated and Brazed wheels can be reconditioned to a like-new wheel. Our strip & recoat time is 3 weeks. This allows for a minimal inventory.