Foundry Products

Floor Stand – Cups – Cones

Made IN THE USA, with high performance zirconia grain and high strength resins. A wide variety is stocked for quick delivery.

Safety is our priority. Choose a supplier that has 25+ years specializing in abrasives & tools.

Floor stand grinder

Roll Grinding & Billet Conditioning Wheels

Our products are an alternative to wheels from large international wheel manufacturers whose prices and deliveries are an unnecessary battle. We welcome the opportunity to show you that our wheels perform just as well while reducing cost and providing better service. Let us set a higher standard and raise the bar in your business.


Air Tools

Recent trends in Air Tools are less metal & lower horse power.  This is acceptable for fabricators but is a recipe for increased tool costs for foundries and heavy fabricators.

Our tools are MADE IN THE USA for applications where horse power and durability are essential.  Designed for rugged use and repair as needed, NOT thrown away.

Call us for  a 30 day no charge trial so you can experience higher tool performance & lower your Air Tool Costs.

TC Tools b

Carbide Burs

 Do your sharpened burs work almost like a new bur?  It should if it’s sharpened properly!  Most burs are only sharpened on the cutting edge.  This will cause it to cut slower and dull quicker, compared to a new bur.

If your dull bur is reconditioned like a new bur is manufactured, its cuts and lasts like a new bur.

carbide bir

Send us your dull burs for a no charge Risk Free Trial!

Brazed Diamond Wheels

Brazed diamond wheels are an alternative to resin bonded grinding wheels. These wheels are safer, faster cutting, and have a significantly longer life. Ranging from mounted points and cones, to 24′ snagging wheels. We offer a complete service from design and manufacturing to strip and recoat.



We offer a wide selection of inventory for prompt service.