Lower Pricing

How can Tri-State Abrasive & Tool lower your costs? Simple. We:

  • Maintain lean operations with zero debt
  • Represent family owned, specialized abrasive & tool manufacturers whose overhead rates are much lower than large, international manufacturers
  • Are smaller, more efficient, and provide quicker deliveries. This allows less dollars tied up in inventory
  • Prevent excessive overhead costs from entering your tooling budget

Spend your dollars on what you do best, NOT on overpriced tools and large inventories

Better Service

We do what we do best, selling Diamond, CBN, & Ceramic Abrasives & Tools. We are:




We do what we do best

Impeccable response times keep your business operating smoothly.  WE CARE when others cannot

Quick access to all levels of your suppliers’ personnel

Avoid the large, impersonal corporations. Let us earn your business with the help of our passionate & committed sales team.

Exceptional Performance

With more than 25 years of experience, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to waste your time with trials & errors.

At Tri-State Abrasive & Tool we are continuously improving in order to keep pace with the market and drive results.